Thursday, April 3, 2014

How To Create The Ultimate Selfie For Your Social Media Profile!

Selfies or portraits of the digital age, are increasing in the online world.
Every self-respecting internet user must post occasionally a selfie on the net. That fashion moment, and if you're not aware, you may be considered a “loser”.
So it is Facebook and other social networks that are filled with selfies. The trouble is that few of them are really good to highlight the people themselves. Most emphasize the extra pounds, double chin, wrinkles on the neck or nose shape at all flattering. Social media has completely changed the world of selfies, and instagram is a particularly popular place to post your selfie.
We collected some tips for selfies. If you have any other ideas, we expect the maximum interest in the comments section

One. The place and occasion: Do not picture the toilet
Selfies are great, but you must be careful where they are taken, because the toilet is not the most inviting decor. It is enough to show wall tile for your photo viewers to give them a negative feeling. Do you think your followers on instagram want to see your toilet?
You're out in the park on a beautiful day? A selfie works perfectly. You're at a funeral? Better give up the idea. Choose your places and moments carefully.
If your background is a tree or a lake, you get an extra point. If you choose to have the picture in your room, take great care in cleaning. Nobody wants to see your socks or the chaos of the house/office. Dedicate 5 minutes to cleaning – your potential new girlfriend/boyfriend on instagram could be viewing this photo – social media is the new dating agency!
Two. Pay attention to light
As with any photo, light matters enormously. Your face should be well lit when posing for a photo to post on your social media profiles. It is best to do selfies in daylight. The sun must be in front of you.
Three. Pay attention to angles
Usually, when you hold the camera lower than your face, you add extra pounds. Most likely we will see a double chin and nose holes. Do some experiments holding the camera at eye level and then even higher. Then look into the camera and take a few test photos. Look over the images and see which angle suits you best.
Four. Stick out the parts that you’re proud off.
If you have beautiful eyes, make sure you can see well in the picture. If you have nice hair, you can show us – utilise your features for your instagram followers to adore you. Learn to put yourself out and use the features that make you look good.
Five . Natural, do not duck
Pouted lips are simply ridiculous. Try to look relaxed and natural, even if it is quite complicated considering the fact that you have to be careful.

Trying to show us that enjoy life as you smile or joke, that you feel good about the place where you are. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll meet your next lover on instagram or any of the social media sites from that one selfie.